City of Kelowna: Feasibility work begins for future creative hub

City of Kelowna News Release

June 23, 2020

As part of the recently announced re-development of 350 Doyle Avenue, a 6,000 square foot community amenity space has the potential to become an important creative hub, connected to a new civic plaza and extension of the Artwalk.

“As we start to envision what this space could look like and what new artistic opportunities it could provide for residents in Kelowna, it’s very exciting,” says Christine McWillis, Cultural Services Manager for the City of Kelowna. “The creative hub model provides us with another unique opportunity to work collaboratively between artistic disciplines and means more unique programming for our community.”

A year-long collaborative feasibility project is underway to explore how the space can be designed, built and operated. The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, New Vintage Theatre and Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking were selected by the City to work with consultant BC Artscape to establish a shared vision and create a sustainable plan for build-out and long-term function of the creative hub.

“There are many artists and cultural groups in Kelowna who are seeking space to develop their artistic practice, offer educational opportunities and to perform in innovative ways,” says Bonnie Gratz, Artistic Director with New Vintage Theatre. “They are looking for flexible, dynamic places just like this.”

“The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is eager to participate in this consultation process and leverage our 30+ years of experience to help expand the facilities on offer to Kelowna’s creative community, says Lorna McParland, Artistic & Administrative Director with the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art. “We are excited about the potential for this project to reveal new ways of collaboration amongst arts organizations and develop critical infrastructure for independent practitioners and creative groups in our community.”

The project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Should the creative hub project be deemed feasible, construction would likely be completed in 2-3 years and would be part of the development process of 350 Doyle Avenue.

RISE Commercial Developments has been awarded the development contract and is anticipated to proceed with the public development permit process as early as September 2020.

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