I'll Stop the World For You

I’ll Stop the World for You

by Bonnie Gratz

Directed by Josie Morrow

June 3-5, 2021

A love story, set in a Northern town, from 1987 for 2021. You can be happy wherever you are if you choose to be.

Starring Ben Anderson, Hugo Bowman, Madison Costello, Hannah Crockett, Riley Gayford, Mae Glerum, Angélique Gouws, Rhys Griffiths, Miya Hawkins, Abi Junop, Kaitlyn Sharman, Laila Watson, Shae Watson and Braeden Williams.

Mary Irwin Theatre, Rotary Centre for the Arts

Live/Online Tickets at https://www.showpass.com/ill-stop-the-world-for-you-by-bonnie-gratz/

I'll Stop the World