Development and Licensing

Play Development and Licensing

Did you know that New Vintage Theatre is committed to developing original Canadian work? These are the works developed and produced by our artistic team that have/will premiere on a New Vintage Theatre stage.

  • The Most Famous Record Store in The World by Bonnie Gratz
  • The Last Song of The Christmas Belles-2019
  • In One Night by Bonnie Gratz-2018
  • Swipe Right by C.J. Wilkins-2018
  • A Kelowna Christmas Carol by Bonnie Gratz-2017
  • Hauntings by Ashley Armour-2017
  • Yeti by Bonnie Gratz-2016
  • Judith Ruins Everything by Logan Mullin-2015
  • A Christmas Carol by Bonnie Gratz-2013

You can license some of these plays for production. Contact us at for play purchase and production availability and pricing or to put you in contact with the playwright.

See our Black Cat Cabaret link for the chance to submit your original 10 minute play to us for possible inclusion in our annual Black Cat Cabaret new play contest.

Available Plays

The Most Famous Record Store in the World
The Last Song of the Christmas Belles
Swipe Right
In One Night
A Kelowna Christmas Carol
Judith Ruins Everything
A Christmas Carol