New Vintage Theatre Statement Against Racism

New Vintage Theatre’s Statement In Support of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and Against Racism

New Vintage Theatre supports the Black Lives Matter Movement and demonstrations, Pride, Indigenous celebrations of culture and demonstrations for land claims, equal rights and against cultural appropriation.

Since we were founded in 2012, we have firmly held the belief that the best productions are those that accurately represent the rich and diverse culture of our audiences. We have encouraged and championed artists of all ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, ages, economic backgrounds and belief systems. We believe we have hired actors, teachers, directors, musicians, artists and designers of a wide range of cultural groups and this has made our company stronger. New Vintage artists have been hired for their immense talents and unique perspectives which make our company better.

That being said, there is a shameful history of colonialism and oppression ingrained in all of Canadian society. This has consciously or unconsciously affected the choices of plays and sometimes the plays we have written, too. As inclusive as we think we have been, we know New Vintage can do better and the way to progress is to include and invite persons of colour and those of traditionally disenfranchised groups to join us in moving forward to a more just society.

Effective immediately New Vintage Theatre will be:

  • Posting and sharing the multicultural policies of our company.

  • Opening our rehearsal spaces to those of People of Colour and arts communities in Kelowna so we can all discuss issues of importance and support the creation of art that represents BIPoC stories, cultures and values on a monthly basis.

  • Offering space in our season programming for New Vintage artistic associates and BIPoC to give their input and ideas.

  • Consider reading and producing more plays that are written by People of Colour and other traditionally disenfranchised groups such as LGBTQIA+ .

  • Open our Black Cat Play Festival to playwrights from across Canada and add two spots this year; one for a Person of Colour and one for an Indigenous playwright. We will also offer mentorship this summer and in the future to PoC and LGBTQIA+ emerging playwrights who are interested in being involved and would like to develop their skill sets.

  • We will discuss the progress of these efforts on an annual basis with our Board, artists and members of the community.

We will discuss the progress of these efforts on an annual basis with our Board, artists and members of the community.


Bonnie Gratz, Artistic Director

Josie Morrow, Contributing Artist

Joseph Otoo, Contributing Artist

Lyndsey Wong, Contributing Artist

Tony Yu, Contributing Artist

James Stuart, New Vintage Board President

Kaitlyn Anutooshkin, New Vintage Board Secretary

Tanya Nahachewsky, New Vintage Board Director

Max Sloan, New Vintage Board Director

Annie Zaleszak, New Vintage Board Director

July 1, 2020