Bailley Starkey

Set Decoration

Flowers have always been my passion. I have been a professional florist in the Okanagan for almost nine years.  To be able to follow my ambitions and passions by opening up a store front has been an amazing experience. When the opportunity came up to purchase the iconic Eastside cafe and ice-cream parlor my partner Tyler and I jumped at it. Renovating this old convenience store from the 1940s and turning it into our own home and store has been an adventure.

Gems and Stems at Eastside highlights a organic whimsical style that showcases local, in-season blooms whenever possible. One of our goals is to reduce-reuse-recycle and be environmentally conscious. For example, we reuse pre-loved vessels and character containers whenever suitable. Tyler and I also make sure to use recyclable and biodegradable materials if possible.